The real leather jacket is part of the standard repertoire of every wardrobe

The real leather jacket is part of the standard repertoire of every wardrobe

As with leather shoes, a special impregnation spray offers additional protection.

The men’s trench coat was originally primarily used as a raincoat, but it is now much more than that. Today’s men wear it as a cool but also elegant all-round model that just always fits.

The origins of the trench coat actually lie in the military sector, because the water-repellent material from which it has been made since the end of the 19th century made it particularly interesting for the army. The fabric used was gabardine, which was designed by the British cloth maker Thomas Burberry and whose yarn was impregnated during weaving. The result was a coat that withstood all weather conditions and was still comfortable to wear. Its practical properties quickly made it popular. During the First World War it became a much-used item of clothing by British and French soldiers. Because of this fact, the trench coat finally got its name, which is derived from the English word «trench» and translated means «trenches». For the soldiers, Burberry designed the trench coat as a double-breasted coat with epaulettes and a belt with D-shaped rings – a design that the trench coat has kept to this day and still makes it a favorite in many men’s wardrobes. If you want to dress fashionably and stylishly, this coat is always the right choice.

In addition to the typical horn buttons laid out in two rows and the wide belt with the metal clasp, the high-quality men’s trench coat is also closed with its characteristic turn-down collar and a wide lapel with buttons and classic shoulder pieces, to which the insignia of the army were originally attached detect. There are also clips on the sleeves of the coat, which are tied with a latch and thus protect the wearer particularly well from rain. Traditionally, the trench coat is worn knee-length, but there are also more modern, shorter models. When it comes to color, fashion-conscious men can still opt for traditional khaki or cream. But even those who wear the trench coat in black always cut a stylish figure. In addition to its elegant look, the trench coat still has its original function and the material has basically remained the same: Gabardine and the comparable poplin fabric are still preferred in production. These fabrics not only offer practical protection against rain and wind, but also make trench coats particularly comfortable and skin-friendly.

A classic in legendary style

A men’s trench coat can be combined with a wide variety of outfits. It is perfect for going to the office as well as for various occasions in your free time. If you are planning, for example, a more casual, but still stylish appearance in the evening, then the trench coat also goes ideally with casual trousers or chic jeans. Incidentally, the men’s coat also became really popular because some movie stars wore it in well-known American cinema blockbusters. For example, Humphrey Bogart wrapped himself in a cool trench coat when he broke up with Ingrid Bergmann in a legendary farewell scene in the Hollywood flick «Casablanca». Maybe that’s why the coat still has an elegant and mysterious image to this day. The man’s best friend is advantageously portable not only in wind and rain, but in all seasons and in all weathers. Throw it over in the summer when the temperature is warmer, then just leave it open. In this case, the belt is tied behind the back. When the coat is closed, tie the belt in a casual knot at the front.

The real leather jacket is part of the standard repertoire of every wardrobe. Only those who invest in quality will enjoy the garment for a long time. Hand on heart: What could be nicer than a dignified, worn leather jacket?

Real leather jackets are still very popular with both women and men.technological essay While women prefer the widest possible selection of cuts and colors, at some point men fall in love with a very specific jacket, which from then on often accompanies them for several decades. And so it is not surprising that many leather jackets nowadays tell countless stories: A glance at a certain point is enough, for example, to recall the anecdote about the origin of the respective scratch. Such nostalgia can hardly be found in any other piece of clothing in this way. Regardless of this, real leather jackets are of course also beautiful to look at. While the trends on the international catwalks go through a renewal every year, leather jackets are something like the timeless “basic” for men and women. The age of the wearer hardly plays a role. A model that fits the respective character remains socially acceptable even in old age. However, a real leather jacket should be made of quality leather and carefully cut. The robust material with its own pithy smell has its price accordingly, but it lasts for 20 years.

As far as the cut and the choice of colors are concerned, there are no longer any limits to creativity: In addition to the classic rebel look in the best James Dean tradition or the rocking version in the Easy Rider style, there is now nothing that does not exist. As already mentioned, a real leather jacket should match the character of the wearer: If you want to sell yourself as “dynamic” and “freedom-loving” with a motorcycle leather jacket with tinsel, you will quickly appear disguised. If, on the other hand, you are actually a passionate two-wheeler fan who regularly goes on weekend tours with the club, the look again fits like a fist. A model without a lot of frills can meanwhile stand out with a very special color. Conclusion: stay true to your wardrobe and give yourself enough time to find the right jacket. Make sure that the jacket can be combined as widely as possible. In this way, the good piece becomes a loyal companion not only on the weekend, but also during the after-hours after the day in the office. Although the classic leather jacket has a very body-hugging cut, at the end of the day the whole thing must of course match the body structure: Stronger men accordingly choose a wider cut.

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Pay attention to quality goods when buying

Holiday shoppers should be careful: especially in the southern climes such as Italy, Greece and Turkey, leather jackets line the displays of small shops on the roadside. Mind you, there are actually a lot of quality goods here where you can save money compared to shopping in Germany. Nevertheless, tourists often fall for imitations of leather, which of course have nothing to do with the quality of a real leather jacket. You can no longer recognize authenticity from the typical leather smell, as the scent can also be applied later from the spray can. Rather, you should pay attention to the fine, irregular grain of the leather. Keep in mind that, similar to human skin, this is a natural product. If the leather looks the same everywhere and is all too perfect, it is possibly machine-made synthetic leather. Ideally, you should buy several leather jackets for different seasons. The classic, unlined version will keep you warm in our latitudes until the end of October. You should then switch to a lined winter version.

Schnauzer, hat, pipe: young men nowadays like to wear and use things that were previously considered to be stuffy and old. And now they have also discovered the briefcase for themselves. And women are following suit.


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In the 1960s, almost every man owned a briefcase, from workers to business leaders. It was more than just a means of transporting lunch boxes, diaries and business papers. It was the distinguishing feature of the working man. «Over time, the status symbol faded and finally degenerated into the epitome of bourgeoisie, frowned upon as a teacher or doctor’s bag,» says Bernhard Roetzel, author and fashion expert from Karstädt (Brandenburg), outlining the downfall of the classic. No final doom the briefcase is back. It owes its comeback to the hipsters, says Gerd Müller-Thomkins, managing director of the German Fashion Institute (DMI) in Cologne. «With the longing of this retro-oriented, urban middle class for the supposedly better time, the briefcase – just like the horn-rimmed glasses or the hat – became popular again.» The 60s – the heyday of the briefcase, characterized by durability and spurred on by the economic miracle – are considered to be these supposedly better times. >>

But today the briefcase is no longer just a symbol of the working class. It is popular with businessmen and students alike and is even popular as a leisure accessory. Not only men, women wear them anymore. The «Hera Business Briefcase» by Mandarina Duck, for example, looks particularly feminine due to the narrow metal clasp, as does the «Montpellier 2515 Business Bag L» by Leonhard Heyden, which widens slightly towards the bottom.

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With its revival, the briefcase has shed its rigid appearance. «It has become more fashionable,» observed Sabrina Vogel, marketing officer for the online shop based in Leipzig. The boxy design of the past is contrasted with sporty, casual models today. «At the same time, fashion is becoming more and more straightforward,» explains Vogel. «So you could say that briefcases and fashion are converging.» >>

Models in which materials are mixed are therefore no longer uncommon. The «Swiss Cross Messenger» business bag from Strellson, for example, combines cowhide and bourdeaux-colored felt. «Fashion thrives on such aesthetic breaks,» says Müller-Thomkins. However, a look at the sales figures reveals that the classic leather briefcase is still the most common way to end up in the shopping cart. Bags with a leather patina in a vintage look are particularly popular, says bag expert Sabrina Vogel. The design of the «Fella» and «Big Finn Vintage» models by Aunts are reminiscent of old school bags Uncles.

Leather is a valuable material

Claudia Schulz from the Federal Association of the Shoe and Leather Goods Industry in Offenbach is not surprised by this retro trend: «Leather is a natural and very valuable material that, because it is soft, is comfortable to wear and at the same time exudes style and class – especially when it is natural The grain of the leather can be seen. » Noble fittings, zippers or buttons emphasize this effect as well as the patina that the leather gets over time. At the same time, Schulz refers to the durability of the material: «You can enjoy a bag like this for a long time if you care for it properly.» No leather bag lover should do without a good impregnation. «Otherwise it is sufficient to treat the bag with a colorless shoe polish every now and then,» explains Schulz. If your favorite item is not used for a longer period of time, it can be stowed in the cupboard – «stuffed with newspaper and protected by a soft flannel case». Brushleather is particularly in demand at the moment. This is smooth leather that is sanded to a high gloss. «While these smooth leather bags, with their mostly boxy design, tend to be darker colors like black or oxblood, warm brown tones have the edge with the vintage variants,» reports bag expert Schulz.

Practical bags with functionality

The bags have to be functional. «On the outside, briefcases are mostly straightforward, reduced to the essentials,» explains Sabrina Vogel. The inner workings, however, are practically designed. The «Cargo Briefcase Large» from Bugatti, for example, has a main compartment divided into two sections, removable pencil cases and laptop sleeves as well as loops for pens. It can be put on a trolley case, and it has feet on the bottom of the bag as well as a sturdy handle and an adjustable shoulder strap. The latter has long since established itself as a practical addition to the typical short handle. «A completely new emerging trend are models that you strap onto your back like a backpack,» explains Vogel. The «college briefcase» from Jost, for example, has both a handle and a removable and adjustable shoulder and rucksack strap. Even though fashion expert Bernhard Roetzel can understand the desire for functionality, especially with the briefcase – it is often not just a fashion accessory. It has to serve a purpose. And so Roetzel cannot help but notice that «practical is often the opposite of elegant». That’s why he gives all business women and men a fashionable tip: «Brown shoes, brown bag, black shoes, black bag. That is very important,» explains the fashion consultant. The color of the bag must always match the shoes. If you have pairs of shoes in different colors, you should get two or three briefcases accordingly.