The police began making arrests at the very beginning of the unauthorized gatherings.

The police began making arrests at the very beginning of the unauthorized gatherings.

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Lukashenko has been brutally bludgeoned by security forces during peaceful protests in the capital Minsk. They use tear gas and stun grenades against the demonstrators and again hundreds of people are arrested. In Frankfurt (Oder) over a thousand «lateral thinkers» demonstrate against the Corona measures. Including many people from neighboring Poland. Many participants ignore the mask and distance requirements.

However, the organizers emphasize that they want nothing to do with extremism. «» Anyone who is as ugly as you can only lie, like Schnitzler or Göbbels !! «», wrote a reader to our columnist. He had never thought about the connection between ugliness and lies. Now already – and ends up with Trump and the bad biology essay writing service A column by Thomas Schmoll The initiator of the «lateral thinking» demonstrations has registered the name with the Patent and Trademark Office. A company called «Querdenker United» is already registered there.

With the «» destruction of the CDU «» Rezo became known to a wider public, now the Youtuber is dealing with the demonstrations against the corona measures. He not only shoots at the «lateral thinkers» themselves, but also clearly attacks the federal government. The demonstrations against the Belarusian ruler Lukashenko have been going on for more than three months.

This time, too, the forces act brutally against the peaceful protest. Meanwhile, the organizers reacted confidently to recent provocations by the president. Accompanied by loud counter-protest, hundreds of people are demonstrating again in Berlin against the federal government’s corona policy. They demand more self-determination in the fight against the pandemic and a waiver of vaccinations. The police have to intervene again and again along the route.

At a rally against the Corona measures in Hanover, a speaker compares herself with the Nazi resistance fighter Sophie Scholl. The outrage on the net is great. Even Foreign Minister Heiko Maas is stunned. A new law in France introduces penalties for distributing pictures of security forces. Thousands of people, on the other hand, take to the streets.

There are also many journalists among them. Because they fear interference with the freedom of the press. In Leipzig, critics of the Corona measures meet counter-demonstrators. This time, with a massive contingent, the police prevented scenes like the two weeks ago when thousands of «lateral thinkers» marched unhindered through the streets.

The situation was sometimes tense today. Videos show a 17-year-old with an assault rifle amid protests in the US state of Wisconsin. The right-wing extremist supporter of US President Trump is said to have shot two demonstrators. Nevertheless, he is allowed to leave the prison on bail.

He has some supporters for that. When thousands of «lateral thinkers» illegally roamed Leipzig two weeks ago, the police had little to counter them. Today only 250 participants want to protest against the corona measures in the city.

This time the police announce tougher action. The world ice hockey association has a problem because the 2021 World Cup is to take place in Belarus as well as Latvia. There dictator Alexander Lukashenko rules, whose violent crackdown on demonstrations is causing massive criticism. The tournament is to be withdrawn from him for another reason.

Right-wing extremists were among the lateral thinker demonstrators in Leipzig two weeks ago. In the run-up to another corona demo in the city, the Saxon constitutional protection agency is watching how people are mobilized in the right-wing scene. Left-wing extremists are also expected to attend counter-events. The thesis of the vigilant citizen who worries about democracy in view of the Corona measures is having credibility problems. The Berlin police chief reports that the corona demonstrators are increasingly violent.

77 officers were injured at the Brandenburg Gate. Because too many of the demonstrators in Berlin disregard the hygiene requirements, the police declared the meeting over. She used water cannons for hours. Berlin’s Interior Senator and Federal Interior Minister Seehofer defend the action. «Moscow’s chief diplomat Lavrov made a clear demand at the meeting in Minsk with ruler Lukashenko. (Photo: imago images / ITAR-TASS) Kremlin chief Putin is sending his chief diplomat to Belarus, where the protests against ruler Lukashenko are not Foreign Minister Lavrov urges changes to the political system.

The regime in Minsk seems to have been able to count on Russian support so far – but will it stay that way? After more than three months of protests in Belarus, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov calls on Minsk ruler Alexander Lukashenko for reforms. First of all, he expressly brings greetings from Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin in Moscow in the presidential palace. And then immediately demands that all agreements that both of them have made should be kept. By this he also meant the constitutional reform promised by Lukashenko and a modernization of the political system, Lavrov says unexpectedly clearly. For months there have been protests and strikes by Lukashenko’s opponents in numerous cities. The ruler of Minsk insults the people as «» rats «», «» prostitutes «» and «» alcoholics «» and stresses at every opportunity not to give up power at any price. «» Although he announced a new constitution and promised to limit the president’s powers in future, there is no real dialogue with the democracy movement, «» says Minsk political scientist Valery Karbelevich.

So far, Russia seems to be sticking to Lukashenko. (Photo: imago images / ITAR-TASS) Russia also wants – and Lavrov assures Lukashenko and his colleague Vladimir Makei support – a new constitution that strengthens the role of parliament and the government. Basically, after the changes, a referendum on the new constitution and then new elections would be planned. «Russia also sees that Lukashenko is playing for a limited period of time, that nothing changes and that he feels safe in the saddle again,» says Karbelevich. Rather, Lukashenko has been suppressing the opposition’s demands for a democratic constitution, for his resignation and for new elections for months with massive police force. Lavrov evades – as he often does – in Minsk and points to Paris or Berlin, where the state is also using rubber bullets against protesters.

He also accused the West of interfering in the country’s affairs. Lavrov does not say that the democracy movement in Belarus is fundamentally peaceful and that a rally is never approved. In addition, there have so far been several deaths in protests, hundreds of injuries and tens of thousands of arrests in Belarus. Expert Karbelevich speaks of the «» worst repression «» in a European country for decades. The analysts in Minsk, including Artyom Schraibman, nevertheless assume that Lavrov’s visit should serve to get Lukashenko on his feet and to get the situation under control.

Moscow has no interest in an unstable situation with its neighbor, says Schraibman. Economically, too, to the annoyance of Russia, the country is slipping deeper and deeper into crisis. The EU’s previous sanctions against Lukashenko and his leadership are not very effective. But real economic sanctions could come. «» That would hit the system a lot harder, «says Karbelevich. He believes Lavrov warned Lukashenko not to risk even tougher EU sanctions because they could hit Russia, and Karbelevich even sees the possibility that Russia and the EU might agree to remove Lukashenko.

In return, Moscow could no longer be tackled as harshly with sanctions as it is now, he says, because of the poisoning of the Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. But for the moment, Lavrov makes it clear, Moscow is sticking with Lukashenko. The EU no longer recognizes Lukashenko as president after the presidential election, which was widely regarded as fake. The country with close economic ties to Russia has been in the worst crisis in its history since the presidential election on August 9th.

During protests, the democracy movement, led by 38-year-old Svetlana Tichanowskaya, calls for Lukashenko’s resignation, an end to police violence, the release of all political prisoners and new elections. The movement sees Tichanovskaya, who fled into exile in the EU, as the true winner of the election. Regarding Lavrov’s visit, Tichanovskaya said: «» Whatever you agree with Alexander Lukashenko, he has lost support among the Belarusian people. That means that all deals and contracts will be scrutinized and canceled by the new government. «» At the same time, she emphasizes the goal of friendly and partnership-based relations with Russia.

And the protests against Lukashenko, she says again and again, continued – until victory. Source:, Ulf Mauder, dpa «Videos of beating police officers are circulating on social media. (Photo: imago images / ITAR-TASS) The demonstrations against the Belarusian ruler Lukashenko have been going on for more than three months. This time, too, the forces cracked down on the peaceful protest A Sunday demonstration in Belarus protested peacefully against ruler Alexander Lukashenko.In the capital Minsk, people first gathered in their residential areas and then formed protest marches with the historic white-red-white flags.

The police began making arrests at the very beginning of the unauthorized gatherings. The Wesna Human Rights Center published the names of more than 300 people arrested that evening. There were around 1,000 arrests on each of the last two Sundays. In other cities, too, people again demanded Lukashenko’s resignation. In Minsk and other cities, people are marching «» against fascism «». (Photo: imago images / ITAR-TASS) The apparatus of power gathered hundreds of uniformed men from the Ministry of the Interior and the army in Minsk. Prisoner trucks, water cannons and other heavy equipment were ready.

The police used stun grenades to disperse the crowd, Belarusian media reported. The large squares of the capital were cordoned off with metal bars, as can be seen in pictures on the Telegram news channel. Videos of police beating protesters were circulating on the online services. The authorities downgraded the mobile internet and blocked around ten metro stations – this was to prevent mass gatherings.

This time the action was officially announced as a «» March against Fascism «». The organizers responded to the latest insults from Lukashenko that they were fascists. Most recently, the death of the artist and activist Roman Bondarenko after his arrest caused a shock. 5000 people attended Bondarenko’s funeral in Minsk on Friday. In total, at least four people died in the protests.

The protests of the democracy movement have been going on for more than three months. The movement also calls for an end to police violence against peaceful demonstrators, the release of all political prisoners and new elections. Lukashenko claims victory in the presidential election on August 9 with 80.1 percent of the vote – after 26 years in office. The opposition, on the other hand, sees civil rights activist Swetlana Tichanowskaja as the winner of the election. Source:, mdi / dpa / AFP / rts «Protests against Lukashenko in Minsk. (Photo: dpa) Belarus is facing major challenges with the second wave of corona.

Instead of fighting it, President Alexander Lukashenko is taking reprisals against doctors who think differently – and threatens doctors who want to earn money in other countries. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko described the coronavirus as «» psychosis «» in the spring. While neighboring countries such as Ukraine and Russia closed their borders and imposed a tougher lockdown, Lukashenko had strange tips for his fellow citizens. Vodka, working with a tractor and going to the sauna would help against the virus, everything else doesn’t make sense anyway.

Belarus has decided against any corona measures and even let the parade leading to the Soviet victory in World War II be held on May 9 without wearing a mask, although the health system in cities like Vitebsk in the north was already reaching its limits. In fact, mortality in Belarus reached its limits in the first half of the year, according to UN information, its five-year high