ROOM TOUR 2019 (finally lol)

I have been putting this video off since September in September I moved from the basement in my house back upstairs I completely redid my bedroom and that video happened to go viral is at the end of that video I said my room’s not finished now put up a room tour as soon as that’s finished it’s been nine months since I posted that video and I honestly don’t think that my room is ever going to be finished I put out filming it for so long though because I felt like I had to reach some standard that honestly is unattainable because I spent months trying to make stuff or I think of stuff to put my room finally feel like I’m at a place where I can share my bedroom with you and that’s what I’m doing today [Music] so this is the first corner of my room and I worked so hard to find stuff that would fit here so immediately behind me I have a hook on my door which I used to store my backpacks and all my jackets which I live in Michigan so at any given time there’s usually about five jackets on the hook I did clean for you so right now there’s only one on this side I kind of have a lot of different things I have a mirror that I honestly love and I really really wanted a full-length mirror in here it’s it’s there’s not really any better place in my room for it trust me I’ve looked I also have my hamper which not much to say about that it is cuter than any other hamper I’ve ever had but like it’s still not that cute you know hanging on my wall I have a chalkboard calendar which honestly never gets used I thought it would be a good investment and I haven’t really touched it yeah I just looked at it and the month written on it is August so I haven’t updated my calendar since August and then on the other side of that wall I do have a little chalkboard thing that I write you know handy stuff on I use that one more than I use my calendar and then I have a little hanging basket I think it’s a planter honestly I don’t know but I put scrunchies and hair ties on it and then on the floor this is part of the cat area there’s her scratching post and usually some toys because she drags them over there and then she has another little scratching post on the floor that I’ll show you when we move away from my door area we have my TV dresser area I have not hung it on the wall even though most of you guys told me to hang it on the wall I just feel like I don’t need to put that many holes in my wall or buy a TV mount I have my furniture finally situated where I feel like I have enough space without taking the TV off the dresser and then we have my dresser under it my dresser and bed frame is from art van a lot of you have asked about that but it’s from art van and it was in the clearance center both of which probably aren’t good because I’m pretty sure art van is regional and the clearance center everything goes away once it’s gone not much to be set there I do have a Gamecube right here I was playing a spongebob battle for bikini bottom for a long time and that’s why my Gamecube is still there [Music] [Music] and then I have really cool posters which I’m super excited about this one is a Tom Petty one I read the petty biography and honestly it was fantastic I have an Eagles poster over here but that’s more in my gallery wall type thing I’ve put up over there so I’ll talk about that more in a second I don’t think you’d be interested in what’s my drawers I could be totally wrong it’s just close this area of my room is probably the cutest or most personal it kind of houses all of my stuff [Music] [Music] I have a gallery wall going on I got it from the thrift store it says tender Valley seed company and then this painting I actually painted I painted it in my following a Bob Ross tutorial video my Eagles at my Tom Petty poster because they’re super vintage II feeling they’re just reprints they’re not actually vintage but it’d be cool if they were to always take the scenic route it’s from the target dollar spot it’s actually from a puzzle and that is like the guide to what the finish puzzle shouldn’t look like and then I still have my letter board that I’ve had forever it still has the same Mountain Goats lyric on it I also have this movements poster movements as a band that I really like I have a lots of Polaroids on a cable that I recently bought I’m not sure how I feel about the cable I’m happy the Polaroids are up there but I feel like it’s not the spot but they never stay on my wall so I don’t know Polaroids are iffy an art cart I finally finally realized what to do with that stupid gray cart and now it sits in this corner we have art supplies which honestly I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before I’ve had this gray cart that I bought from Target for it has to have been at least a year now and in every room video I have done I literally have said in every single one I don’t know what to do with this cart art cart I can’t believe I was so blind basically it has canvasses many many many canvases it houses paint brushes acrylic paints oil paints paint Center rulers Sharpie markers for outlining it also has a linocut kit that I recently got basically anything that has to do with art is in here this is the newest of the bunch we had this one but I haven’t finished yet but and then I have this cubby system which honestly it’s not the best but you know [Music] so in my coffee I have multiple different drawers the top left drawer is mostly technology stuff and hats I don’t know how those categories go together but that’s what I put in them my top right drawer it’s snacks because those are very important to keep in your bedroom this one right here that I showed you is mostly health and beauty stuff and then this one that I also showed you houses makeup palettes and then right now scrunchie stock for my Etsy store into the bottom ones that kind of are out of sight so I don’t take as good care of them we have a basket we have a basket of cat toys which is actually accessible to my cat she will pull things out of this basket on the bottom shelf my trip funds put all cash and spare change in a jar and hopefully I’m able to take a trip at some point this whole pile of clothes right here is my altar pile which is stuff that I bought from the thrift store that I need to alter in some way that lives there because it’s not ready to get upgraded to the closet yet and then this cubby is full of stuff that I can’t really use this is an essential oil diffuser that I got before I’d learned that essential oils are really bad for cats this is a candle and then I also have a Yankee candle back there and then we have my bed area which honestly takes up a majority of the room and that is why I had so much trouble rearranging the furniture in here for so long because I chose to purchase a queen-size bedroom set not the best decision on my part but this is what it looks like so I have a cat bed on my bed even though my cat doesn’t sleep in it she sleeps in my bed with me I still have the bed there just in case everything on my bed is from pretty much a different place or Target actually most of us from Target throw blankets throw pillows pillowcases sheets and then I have a big down comforter I don’t know where it’s from because it was a gift but that is there and this is my window this is my cat’s favorite place and honestly probably one of mine commute a prettiest girl and now we’ve come to the area that took me the longest time to realize that I need it and that is my desk area I don’t know what part of me thought that I didn’t need a desk or workspace in my bedroom but I realized I needed it and now I have it we have a desk and honestly that’s pretty much it I have the same thing that I had in the corner over there just another one of these chalkboard things currently has a lyric on it I try and change it up with videos but it’s been that for a while and that’s honest to god it I have a desk in a chair and that sign this is my pile of cords that I feel like everybody has and doesn’t show I don’t there’s nowhere to put it so what am I supposed to do this is also under my bed where I conveniently threw everything that I did not want to show you these are my instruments if you didn’t know I actually know how to fling music [Music] I feel like I overhyped what my room was going to be I thought I was gonna be like an interior designer and they get some crazy thing but no it did not turn out that way yes I’m still happy with it it’s not perfect but it is home thank you for watching I hope this was satisfying I hope this is what you’ve been waiting for and I’ll see you in the next video bye oh yeah subscribe if you want to