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Therefore tell the children about it» – appealed Duda. «Because people often tell us: what we Poland? The European Union is the most important. (…) It let them remind you all these 123 years of partitions. As Poland then, at the end of the eighteenth century, lost its independence and disappeared from the map. also there were those who said, perhaps it is better strife finally run out, the rebellion, all these insurrections, wars, quarrels, confederations, will finally be peace of mind, «- said the president. From Strasbourg Lukasz Osinski (PAP) As told PAP spokeswoman for police in the Lodz region Joanna Kącka, a man came to a stop on the road S8. Earlier, police in Rawa Mazowiecka received information about transporting large quantities of drugs. During the planned action, the officers noticed driving along at high speed on a Toyota Land Cruiser rawskich license plates. On one of the streets of Rawa Mazowiecka vehicle was stopped for inspection. The driver was a 32-year-old resident of Rawa Mazowiecka; He was previously recorded by the police. Behind the back seat, officers noticed a large travel bag, in which a man was carrying plastic bags of marijuana weighing a total of 6 kg.zobacz also: Poznan 14-year-old in critical condition after taking drugs »The apartment garage and 32-year-old found another suspicious bags substance, two electronic scales and the so-called blue flash. rooster. At the request of the prosecutor, the District Court in Rawa Mazowiecka arrested a man for three months. For possession of large quantities of drugs is punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment. Boss The Ministry of Defense reported that the shock was felt all over the west coast and the east. Tremors were also reported in Montenegro and Macedonia. Residents of the capital Tirana houses left in a hurry – świadkowie.Według local media report the two people were injured in Helmes.W shock result many buildings were destroyed. There are problems with the delivery of energy elektrycznej.Albania is located in a zone prone to earthquakes, which every few days haunt shock, although most of them are already odczuwalna.To another in a short period of time: See also: Albania: An earthquake of magnitude 5 3. Within two hours six shocks » I’m sure deserters are not welcomed with open arms – Juncker said in an interview with the French daily «Le Monde» when asked what will be a direct response to support Brexit result set for June 23 referendum. «The United Kingdom will have to reconcile the treatment of it as a third country with which it proceeds in gloves. If the United Kingdom leave Europe, its people will have to face the consequences – we too will have to, according to their will. This is not threat, but our relationship will no longer be such as they are today, «- he added Juncker.Potwierdził thus widespread among members of the EU authorities the view that if the British Prime Minister David Cameron loses its referendum campaign and arrives at the EU summit on June 28 to inform the other leaders to start Brexitu, both they and the EU institutions can quickly close ranks and minimize mitigation of procesu.Traktat on European Union establishes a two-year deadline to negotiate the terms on which is due to expire membership of the country concerned. If you do not get to unanimity on this issue, or if there is no agreement of all EU member states to extend the talks, leaving the country excluded from the EU niej.Wielu promoters Brexitu campaign to declare that they want to negotiate a free trade agreement and other agreements aimed at maintaining ties with EU, but many diplomats doubted whether it can be achieved within two years. (PAP) At the command of Deputy Prosecutor General prosecutor Krzysztof Sierak join the proceedings in the District Court in Kolobrzeg fell grossly unfair judgment prescriptive in the theft of candy worth 40 cents – on Monday gave the National Prosecution spokeswoman Ewa Bialik. She added that the prosecutor’s office decided to appeal the ruling in favor of the accused. It’s a question of 69-year-old Roman Wawrzyniak, a pensioner from Szczecin, who on July 4 in one of the shops in Kolobrzeg ate a plum in chocolate. «I was on vacation. I went shopping. I put on a few products to cart and walking between shelves instinctively took the candy and ate. He noted that the employee who approached me and said he stole it,» – said in an interview with PAP Roman Wawrzyniak. According to his account taken him to the back and searched. In place of the police was also called. «The police, who asked me for ID card and wrote down my details. I do not remember whether I proposed mandate or not, because I was emotional. I scrawled officers and the notice to the command» – says Roman Wawrzyniak. He adds that because of the consultation at the hospital was able to appear at the police station within the prescribed period, and informed the police by phone. «I am a sick person. This year I was diagnosed with cancer. I had to go at this time to Szczecin on medical consultation, but gave their data and informed officers that, after consulting’m ready to take it on command. I did not get no phone or repeat call «- recounts the pensioner. October 11 man received a court judgment Kolobrzeg prescriptive, which accuses him of stealing a 1 piece of candy with a total value of 40 cents. «I was sentenced to one month restriction of liberty with the performance of work for social purposes of 20 hours. If a count is coming out that my hour was estimated at 2 cents,» – says Roman Wawrzyniak. In his opinion does not take into account that a person criminal record and used capital punishment. «The https://homeworkmarket.me/ forests are our wealth. It is best to understand the richness and the best care for them foresters. We thank them for it, «- said Morawiecki. He added that the actions of foresters in the Bialowieza Forest were designed to protect. «We believe that the EU institutions also had to care for the Polish nature. We want to believe it, «- he stressed premier.zobacz also Hajnówka: Nearly 70 cases of punishment of protesters in the Bialowieza Forest» He said that his government respects the decision of the European Court of Justice. «We will proceed in accordance with its judgment» – he declared. Before the Court of Justice of the EU proceedings are pending against Poland in connection with felling in the forest Białowieskiej.zobacz also: Coalition of NGOs: More clippings in the Bialowieza Forest is breaking the law »During Tuesday’s hearing before the ECJ in Luxembourg, Poland and the European Commission maintained its previous position. The Court decided that the ECJ Advocate General’s Opinion in the case concerning the Bialowieza Forest is to be released on February 20. The Court then has to analyze it and issue a final judgment. Environment Minister Jan Szyszko once again assured that the Bialowieza Forest operates in accordance with the law. The celebration falling on December 4 Miner’s Day begins in Upper Silesia already at the end of November. On Thursday barbórkowe ceremony organized in Katowice Mining Authority – the most important mining institution, responsible, among others, approval of plans for traffic mines and controls respecting the safety standards in the mining industry. Supervision of the mining in Poland is currently subject to 41 underground mines, 93 plants hole and nearly 7.4 thousand. plants pit. In total, the domestic mining industry directly employs nearly 177.6 thousand. employees. In a letter to the participants of the ceremony, read by Blaise Spychalski, the president paid employees of the mining supervision barbórkowe wishes and thanked for their work, commitment and professionalism. He stressed that coal is the source of significant social, economic and cultural, and now clean technologies. «High hopes and expectations associated with such projects as technologically advanced production of hydrogen and syngas from coal. If you do not remain at the level of pilot projects, but soon will be more numerous, they can play important roles in terms of the overall vision of Polish energy security and maintenance high competitiveness of the national economy, «- wrote the president. In this context – in the opinion of Andrew Duda – special importance to the forthcoming 24th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, to be held in December in Katowice, in the urban zone of Culture in the former coal mine «Katowice». «It’s hard not to see in this testimony times: on the one hand – is the result of good Polish transformation, and on the other – a symbol of a modern building Independent, putting the development and progress based on heritage and tradition» – said the president. Celebrations barbórkowe – pointed Duda – are also «an expression of devotion to the noble tradition that miners cherish for centuries. Barbórka is one of the most beautiful Polish customs, expressing respect for human effort and its fruits. The ethos of perseverance, hard work occupies a special place in the mentality of the inhabitants of Silesia . I am glad that the traditions were recently honored barbórkowe put on the list of National intangible cultural heritage. I am convinced that they deserve protection, preservation and transfer of future generations «- says in the letter. The President noted that the centenary of Poland’s independence is also associated with the beginnings of the State Mining Authority, which was established in 1922., Shortly after taking power by the independent Republic of Upper Silesia. «This has become possible thanks to three heroic zrywom, in honor of which the Parliament has set 2019 – the year of the Silesian Uprisings. I trust that this will be an opportunity to pay homage to all those meritorious in the struggle for the right of belonging of these lands to the revived free homeland. The memory of the sacrifice of generations Silesians to save the remains of Polish Silesia solid foundation of national heritage and regional identity «- wrote Andrzej Duda. During Thursday’s ceremony at the WUG minute of silence for the memory of all who died doing mining work – from the beginning of the year claimed the lives of 20 miners in the mines, compared to 15 in the whole of last year. Severe injuries suffered 13 employees. The most tragic consequences tumble in May was Jastrzębska Zofiówka mine where five miners were killed. According to the State Mining Authority, within ten months of the year in the whole Polish mining occurred in 1743 various incidents, compared to 2,078 for the whole year 2017. As chairman said Mirek Adam WUG, statistics show a pronounced downward trend in the last quarter of the accident, although in different years observed – sometimes substantial – fluctuations in the number of accidents. (PAP) by Marek Błoński According to the earlier declarations of the parties, a new collective agreement, designed to standardize regulations in the employee’s largest mining company, should be negotiated and adopted by mid-year. On Thursday, the press office of Silesian Solidarity announced that dated Feb. 26 letter to the union CEO Tomasz Rogala, where leaders of 13 trade union organizations operating in PGG starring, among others, the resumption of «immediate negotiations on the establishment of the provisions» of the new system. «Suggestions governing and managing Polish Mining Group, supposedly intensive work on the Collective Bargaining Agreement, mislead the public opinion and PGG employees. Our social all the time declared that it is ready to negotiate (…). Despite this, there are currently any talks in this regard. We demand the presentation of the written statement of the board of PGG, which will specify the date of completion of the negotiations on the Collective Labor Agreement PGG «- says the union speech. The leader of Solidarity in PGG Boguslaw Hutek estimated that in the negotiations on the «not happening almost nothing.» Subcommittee was established. Safety, which has developed – for the needs of the system – the records in this field. According to the union, the work should, however, be more intense. As trade unionists gave in November last year. Talks, the parties agreed that the provisions of the agreement will work intensively two teams, one of which will deal with matters relating to their remuneration and the consolidation, the second – the other areas requiring regulation of the system. Hutek recalled that last year, on the occasion of joining PGG Katowice Coal Holding, in the presence of heads of the Ministry of Energy concluded «gentleman’s agreement» between management and unions, that up to 30 June 2018. New system will be ready. «I have more serious concerns about whether this agreement will be met by the employer, because I was really little time» – said the chairman. In his address to the President of the unions are demanding negotiations to determine the date of completion of the new system. «We do not want (…) allow a situation that on July 1 the president says, gentlemen, the old system is gone, yet we do not have new, so I’m only valid Codex minimum,» – he stressed Hutek. The unions cite unofficial information, according to which the will of the board is that the new system came into force there in the middle of this year, but on 1 January 2019. For the compounds would be acceptable provided that they obtain the guarantee of the existing regulations until the entry into force of the new system. «We want to get such a declaration in writing and of demand in the speech to the President,» – he explained the head of the «S» in the PGG. Trade unions stress that has not agreed to any proposals for cuts or revoke the authorization of mining salaries and all suggestions and possible changes in this area will be consulted first with the crew mines. In addition to work on a new collective agreement for another important trade unionists are the subject of PGG wage increases. At the end of January compounds were PGG to the board to start talks on this year’s wage increases. It held a preliminary meeting with the heads of the Ministry of Energy, during which representatives of the crew – the relationship of trade unionists – heard a statement that in mid-February will be presented proposals on wage growth. Finally, the meeting in February, there was no – it was postponed until the next Monday, March 5. Representatives of the board of PGG has not commented on union speeches on speeding up negotiations for a new agreement and talks with mining wages increases. (PAP) by Marek Błoński editor: Bozena Dymkowska According to the current dispute Kukiz shows «dramatic systemic crisis, which may result in civil war.» He stressed that the dispute must not be on the streets. «This is Poland and Poland is so over PiS and over and Modern Platform» – he said. «If you do not immediately change the electoral law immediately if it does not lead to an agreement between competing among themselves koteriami party, it can lead to drama in Poland» – he added. «From this Parliament made games, the bread is getting worse, and the citizens is getting idiots.