Florentino ‘loaded’ it on December 30, confirming that his bet had only been a patch

Florentino ‘loaded’ it on December 30, confirming that his bet had only been a patch

Since the resignation of Vicente del Bosque in 2003, the white club has been a perfect machine to dismiss coaches. In total, 11 technicians have fallen in the last 13 years and, now, Rafa Benítez will be the next to fall, as Florentino Pérez’s patience is once again conspicuous by his absence. 12/23/2015

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1. Vicente Del Bosque

The current Spanish coach had just won the League and had previously won two Champions Leagues, although that was not enough merit to continue in office. Florentino Pérez dismissed him in June 2003 in search of a more attractive football.

2. Carlos Queiroz

Sir Alex Ferguson’s right-hand man represented more modern football, although it only lasted a year. Giuly and Morientes’ Monaco threw Madrid into the quarterfinals of the Champions League, while Zaragoza was the white executioner in the Cup final. At the end of the 2003-04 academic year, Queiroz was dismissed.

3. José Antonio Camacho (not laid off; resigned)

The galactics needed a strong hand, Florentino believed. And that is why he signed Camacho, who resigned after only three league games when he understood that he did not have enough support from the president.

4. García Remón

If Camacho lasted three league games, García Remón did not do much better. Florentino ‘charged’ it on December 30, confirming that his bet had only been a patch.

5. Vanderlei Luxembourg

He arrived in Concha Espina endorsed by Arrigo Sacchi and ready to redirect a season that had started out fatally. However, his famous ‘magic square’ with Raúl, Robinho, Baptista and Ronaldo did not generate any titles and, just a year later, with the season also started, he was dismissed.

6. López Caro

The interim bet. He completed the course after leaving Luxembourg and then Florentino Pérez showed him the exit door.

7. Fabio Capello

The Italian did not offer a show but he won a League (2006-07) that he had practically lost. Against the opinion of the fans, Ramón Calderón decided to relieve him of his position.

8. Bernd Schuster

"Right now, winning at the Camp Nou is impossible", said Schuster before measuring to the Barça. Of course, it would be impossible for him, since these statements caused his dismissal, with Juande Ramos assuming command of the white squad.

9. Juande Ramos

After falling at the Camp Nou in his debut, he won 1 market apk download all the league games until, one lap later, Barça humiliated Real Madrid with an unforgettable 2-6. Added to "squirt" of Anfield (4-0) and because he did not get any title, that KO was his sentence.

10. Manuel Pellegrini

The Chilean was Florentino Pérez’s first choice on his return to the Bernabéu throne. Not only did he not win titles, he was also eliminated in the Copa del Rey by Alcorcón, who beat him 4-0 in Santo Domingo. Numbers in hand, yes, Pellegrini’s records had been more than correct, but he found a Barça that failed very little in the League. He began to collect his settlement in May 2010.

11. José Mourinho

The anti-Barça par excellence was signed to get, once and for all, the long-awaited Decima. It raised the competitive level of Real Madrid and won a Cup, a League and a Super Cup in Spain, a balance too poor for all the noise it caused. After three seasons, Florentino announced a "mutual agreement" for the Portuguese to leave the entity.

12. Carlo Ancelotti

‘Carletto’ did achieve the Tenth. In a very good first year, the Italian won the Champions League and the Copa del Rey, insufficient credit for a more discreet second year. Despite his good relationship with the dressing room and playing beautiful football, Florentino Pérez struck him down in a decision that raised many blisters.

The classic between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid is essential in the history of football in Spain. An encounter that is not just a football match. Is much more. The league classics at the Camp Nou start on February 2, 1958 with a victory for the white team (0-2). Since then, the match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid has accumulated countless stories. Some speak of unspeakable joys, even ecstasy. Others, of defeats that plunged Barcelona into long depressions. There are also those that have survived time because they are peppered with doses of humor. Here are some stories of the classic garter belt at the Barcelona Coliseum.

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30.11.1980: FC Barcelona-Real Madrid CF 2-1

A Classic that was marked by the crossing of words between Helenio Herrera (coach of FC Barcelona) and Juanito (player of Real Madrid). The technician, on the eve of the clash, assured that the white striker did not scare him because "marks itself". But Juanito scored the momentary 1-1 and went to the culé bench to ‘dedicate’ the goal to the Mago: "Go to the nursing home, old man !!", shouted him. Quini gave Barça an advantage, which ended up winning 2-1. The post-crash press conference was epic. H H. did not bite his tongue and left several pearls: "Let Juanito pay for my asylum!" or "If it’s not churro, they don’t score … I would have been ashamed to dedicate such a bizarre goal".


Despite not moving the scoreboard, this classic was a great game. The great game of FC Barcelona deserved the goal. The Paraguayan Julio César Romero, Romerito, made his official debut, a request from Johan Cruyff that left a good taste in his mouth, although he missed the goal, as he himself acknowledged after the game: "I have lost three scoring chances that I usually don’t forgive". Before the El Clásico there were elections to the presidency of FC Barcelona, ​​which Josep Lluís Núñez won against the candidate Sixte Cambra (58.27% – 40.33%). Another image of the game, in addition to that of Romerito from Blaugrana, was that of Núñez watching the game from his partner location. (PHOTO: Fernando Zueras).


This classic was marked by the own goal of Real Madrid center-back Pedrag Spasic and by a victory for FC Barcelona (2-1) that took Johan Cruyff’s team 10 points away from his rival (31-21) in the equator of the championship (matchday 19). Barça left Real Madrid touched and sunk. Laudrup scored 1-0, Butragueño drew and Spasic, in the 69th minute, finished off a cross by Eusebio that Nando combed into the frame of a bewildered Jaro. Cruyff said at the end that "10 points is a lot" and Di Stéfano, Real Madrid coach, did not hide his anger: "If they don’t mark, we do. That only happens to a bad team.". (PHOTO: Ignasi Paredes).


Another classic that has gone down in history, that of Luis Figo’s return to the Camp Nou as a Real Madrid player. The Portuguese player’s ears whistled with the anger that he received from what until then had been his fondness for the sports betrayal that he consumed in summer. Sportingly, Llorenç Serra Ferrer’s team was far superior to Vicente del Bosque’s and Luis Enrique, who signed 1-0 (2-0 was scored by Simao), and Carles Puyol, who did not miss one by Figo. The marking of La Pobla, the man, was exemplary. Barça beat the white box in the standings (12-11). (PHOTO: Ignasi Paredes).


Historic match for being the first classic of the Guardiola era. A good harvest began for FC Barcelona, ​​of titles and victories against the eternal rival. The first had the signature of Eto’o – in the image the Cameroonian could not be more expressive than it meant for him to score – and Messi. The Argentine goal was not one more. He reached the end, to sentence the duel, in the rain and after an exquisite technical action, raising the ball against Casillas. And the shot was put by the central Cannavaro, who ended up crashing into the right post. Golazo. Maradona, at the Bernabéu, also caused Juan José to hit a post … (Photo: Paco Largo)

In the same way that everyone remembers what they were doing when the first plane crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, it is impossible for any Barça fan not to remember how, where and with whom they lived the evening. history of May 2, 2009, when the ‘Pep Team’ began to forge its legend.


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This Monday marks the seven years of the unforgettable 2-6 of Barça at the Santiago Bernabéu, a victory that in the historical memory of Barcelona is equivalent to a title and from which the legend of Pep Guardiola’s FC Barcelona was built. 

That season, Barça reached the Bernabéu classic as leader, with five rounds left before the conclusion of the championship and with four points ahead of the Madrid team, at that time coached by Juande Ramos.  

Things were not looking good for the Catalans after Gonzalo Higuaín put the Whites ahead on the scoreboard at 14 minutes into the game. But in an exhibition of historic play, Barça not only managed to turn the scoreboard before reaching the break (1-3) but ended up signing one of the great games in the history of the Catalan club. 

Thierry Henry (2), Carles Puyol, Leo Messi (2) and Gerard Piqué signed the set (2-6) that sentenced the League, leaving Madrid to seven points, and gave rise to countless jokes making firewood of the Madridistas.  

The rest of the story is known to everyone. Barça won the triplet, which months later would become a sextet and would enter the football books as one of the best teams in the history of this sport.

The rojillo coach leaves the team after having added a win, four draws and six defeats – the last of them, on Saturday against Alavés – in the first eleven days of the League, a competition in which Osasuna occupies the penultimate place in the standings.


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The club explained in a statement that his dismissal was adopted in a meeting held this Monday between the board of directors and the sports management. "After analyzing the sporting situation of the team, the need to make this decision in order to reverse the current dynamics has been determined"explains the note.